Who We Are

Why We Exist
We, Holly & Benjamin founded Indigo Volunteers in 2014. We did so because there are 22,000 children who die a day due to poverty and over 2 billion people who live on less than $1 a day. That is not something any of us should accept. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Volunteering is one of the key ways to overcoming poverty. Yet not enough people are inspired to volunteer, or know how. We exist to change that. We exist to help and inspire more people to volunteer – and we are doing this whilst totally revolutionising the volunteering sector!

Our Vision
To live in a world that is equal, fair and without poverty, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Aim
To improve the lives of people around the world, by helping and inspiring people to volunteer.

How We Do It
We travel the world finding charitable projects that need volunteers.
We list beautiful and responsible projects on our website so you can see the volunteering opportunities available.
You register on our website for FREE, and finds the perfect project and volunteering opportunity for you.
You then connect yourself directly with the project and organise your volunteering placement without fees.

We are revolutionising the volunteering sector and are making a great impact. We hope our story inspires you to support us and help raise awareness of our charity.
Thank You,

Benjamin & Holly
Founders of indiGO Volunteers

indiGO Volunteers


Many incredible projects are crying out for the support of skilled and educated volunteers, but cannot gain access to them for many reasons. Imagine a small project in the middle of Malawi, how would they advertise to volunteers, especially if they do not have regular Internet access!

Not enough people are inspired to volunteer or do not know how. The impact is many projects around the globe that need the support of volunteers, are not getting this critical human resource.

Those that are inspired to help, often don’t because of the barriers in their way. The most consistent of these barriers is the substantial administration fees charged by many volunteering companies.

Unfortunately fees have created corruption. For example, UNICEF discovered 80% of orphans in Cambodia are not orphans. Corrupt companies in the knowledge that some volunteers will pay substantial fees to support, set up fake orphanages with children trafficked or bought to pose as orphans.

Often volunteers through no fault of their own are sent to projects where their skill-set is not utilised or not required. In some cases, volunteers will act as free labour that sadly makes a local person unemployed. It is not responsible and not sustainable.

The indiGO Revolution

Everything we do is focussed on helping incredible projects grow. We have already met over forty projects, in nine countries, across four continents. We are helping them gain access to the right volunteers and we ensure both project and volunteer have mutual goals and work together responsibly.

Our model ensures no individual needs to pay an administration fee, allowing more people to volunteer. When this model is embraced by the sector, corruption can end, because without a monetary incentive, organisations can purely focus on the effectiveness of the volunteering.

We believe it is our duty to help each other and with the right inspiration and tools, more people will volunteer.To achieve this we have developed four key platforms all of which work hand in hand to increase the supply of highly effective volunteers.

1.EDUCATION:We will present to over 20,000 students each year, sharing the need to help others and the personal growth from doing so. This will help build a society more motivated to support. 3.CORPORATE PROGRAMME:Our innovative structured volunteering programme will enable organisations to offer inspiring placements, secondments, and learning & development courses.
2.ELECTIVES & PLACEMENTS:We have developed a first of its kind electives & placements programme that will increase the UK’s supply of student volunteers ten fold. 4.INDEPENDENT VOLUNTEERS: 

Our model enables more people to volunteer, without fees, and in a responsible and sustainable way.


We work with the highest degree of integrity, authenticity, openness and honesty. Our values are at the heart of everything we do and we wish for any supporter of indiGO Volunteers to know the following.

● We actively share how we spend every penny and believe how cost efficient we are is something to behold!

● We aim to be self-sustainable within five years.We will ensure we do not rely on public donations and our future model of self-sustainability is truly innovative.

● Everything we do is focused on responsibility and sustainability. We concentrate on the long term, we do not take short cuts, we will not have expensive offices, and we will ensure the volunteer sector is exemplary in its efficiency and effectiveness. That is our culture now and always will be.

We funded the first three years of indiGO ourselves and even used the gifts from our wedding to fund its creation! We tell you this because we want every supporter to know we really care about what we do and we have one goal: To support the projects and the people we work with. We ensure everything we do is with the highest degree of integrity and honesty.