Why we exist

A famous tribal story states there is a twin trail for all beings. There is the path of inner growth and there is the path of the effect we have in the world…our gift. indiGO Leadership & Development exists to work with organisations to help their leaders better understand their inner path, to then deliver as more effective, authentic and inspiring leaders.

How we do this

We connect your organisation with a project that indiGO Volunteers support.

Together with indiGO Volunteers, your organisation will support the growth of that project, by providing them with the human resource gaps they need to reach their goals. They are all hugely capable…they simply need additional skills currently unattainable to them. This is achieved in many innovative ways, all centred on a building a long term partnerships.

Whilst delivering this, we work with your team to support their growth, personal development and leadership potential. It is truly innovative, ground breaking, and has never been seen before.

The Outcomes

Both your organisation and the project(s) you support will receive the following benefits:


  • A true picture of your leadership talent and the gaps.
  • A team committed to leading with authenticity and integrity.
  • Leaders that are more equipped to be even more effective.
  • A team more engaged and charged to deliver everyday.

The most critical outcome is your organisation supporting these hugely capable projects achieve their goals.

What This Looks Like

Once an organisation has committed to working with indiGO Volunteers we work in partnership to deliver a rigorous and beautiful four step plan as follows:

indiGO Volunteers - Business

I Want To Volunteer

Everything we do is focused on helping your organisation and the project(s) you support, build greater leadership capabilities. This is achieved in many innovative ways that we would love to discuss with you. Critically, everything is 100% personalised to the needs of your organisation and the project(s).


Looking for free advice on where to volunteer abroad?

indiGO Volunteers is the only fee-free volunteering advice service in the world