Greg’s trip to Greece

With Soul Food Kitchen

I genuinely enjoy helping other people so, after seeing what’s happening with the refugee crisis across Europe in the media, I thought it would be good to go and help where I can. So I decided to use my annual leave and volunteer in Greece.

On the first night, I got involved in distributing food to refugees who were in transit and sleeping in an abandoned building. It had been raining and many of the children did not have shoes, so I bought 42 pairs of wellies with funds from my work to give to the children. I found this very upsetting but at the same time also very rewarding as I had made such a difference to these children. I also spent four days working in the kitchen cooking up to 200 meals per day for lunch and dinner. Then I went around abandoned buildings to give these to the refugees so they had a hot meal, which everyone really enjoyed.

I also worked in a refugee camp where 300 people lived in tents. I played, sang and danced with the children and then helped on a clothing project where each refugee was given a jumper and coat. The project was very well organised and no one was missed out. Working within the camp also gave me the opportunity to hear stories of what the refugees had experienced in Syria and during their journey to Europe. I found this very emotional and it was nice to share a cup of chai tea and put my arm around them.

Volunteering has been one of the best experiences of my life – to be able to help people who have experienced war and are now living in awful conditions; just providing a meal, smile or pair of wellies makes such a difference to them. My volunteering experience also gave me lots of gratitude for my own life and I feel so lucky to have been born, raised and living in the UK where we have so much.

I would 100 % recommend volunteering to everyone at some point in their life, whether it’s once a month helping someone vulnerable in the UK or going to Greece for a week to help the refugees or other projects IndiGO Volunteers have across the world. Thank you to indiGO and my company, HCL Social Care who have been an amazing support!