Bee Marhoon

So what do you do for indiGO Volunteers?
I’m a Volunteer Coordinator. I answer enquiries and advise volunteers on projects they could go to. I try to make the process smooth and easy!

What inspired you to be part of the indiGO team?
I feel strongly about human rights around the world and love volunteering to help improve the situation of others. As I am not able to go to any of the projects at the moment I was thrilled that I could help out with indiGO! I am proud to be part of indiGO as they have brought together courageous, innovative minds that throw their heart and soul into enabling volunteers to help people regardless of their background. They have helped to spread peace and love across the globe, empowering and inspiring others and I feel blessed that I am able to be a part of it.

Tell us a bit about yourself…
I am a healthcare assistant working with children and absolutely love it! I am lucky that I never feel work is a chore and always leave on a high. When I’m not at work or with my family, I am working with indiGO…my other family!
I love travelling and reading non-fiction (but enjoy a fiction from time to time!)
I try to respect and protect earth and her inhabitants and aim to live a more earth friendly lifestyle. My home is always filled with interesting plants and I am determined to grow a little ecosystem on my balcony. I absolutely love kick boxing as it makes me sweat and feel powerful.

Have you got any hidden talents?
I did a skydive recently!