Benjamin Western

Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Day Job: Musician & Global Head of Sales Capabilities at Electrocomponents

Role in indiGO: To see indiGO Volunteers turn from an exciting if not daunting idea, into a reality, has been the most inspiring part of my years on this planet. The field trips across Africa have contained laughter, happiness, some long journeys and hard yards…but above all, they have given me the honour of meeting the most inspiring people. People who put others before themselves in order to help their communities grow. I am here to support them and the lives they are helping to change. My ambition for indiGO Volunteers gets bigger everyday, and the possibilities are endless. Step by step, I will help lead this beautiful charity of ours to truly change the world of volunteering and then beyond.

Interesting facts: Frontman of Mama Wolfpack, writer of songs, writer of stories, living in hope I can make positive change in all I do. Laughing is at the heart of everything good. I am also married to Holly. I decided not to change my surname too 🙂