Holly Penalver

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Day Job: CEO indiGO Volunteers (and sometimes a Paediatric Nurse!)

Role in indiGO: I had the idea for indiGO Volunteers after trying to volunteer during a gap year after my first degree. I was extremely frustrated at how much it cost to volunteer in projects abroad and vowed to come up with a solution- and this is how indiGO Volunteers was born! I truly believe indiGO will help many communities across the globe and also help people to realise their volunteering potential! My role is to run the charity on a day-to-day basis and to find and maintain the important relationships we have with the projects we work with.

Interesting facts: I am tongue-tied, have a chronic hiccups, often forget to breath when speaking, can nap ANYWHERE, have the eating pallet of a toddler, and get overexcitable about what others might perceive as mundane!