Jose Rains

Head of Social Media

Day Job: Founder of Marketing Company, Cloudburst Communications, providing flexible and affordable marketing solutions to brands in Europe.

Role in indiGO: Having known Holly and Ben for years, it came as no surprise that they were starting up a charity. They are two of the most giving, inspirational and energetic human beings I know. So I instantly knew they would succeed in their mission to create what is now known as indiGO Volunteers!

I was thrilled to take on the responsibility of Head of Social Media for this wonderful charity. In short, my role is to spread the ‘indiGO Volunteers’ word through the charity’s social media networks. I conduct market research, create and adapt content, test new strategies and evaluate results. Like most people who lead busy lives, I want to do something to help those less fortunate than others and indiGO Volunteers gives me the opportunity and flexibility to do so from wherever I am in the world.

If you have any questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Interesting facts: People say I am intelligent with no common sense; I thrive off meeting new people and organising events.