Natasa Economou

What do I do at indiGO?

I am the Volunteer Coordinator for the Rest of the World Projects. This means I help to support and place volunteers in the right projects around this beautiful world. I am an Indigo Ambassador and therefore try to inspire people (everyone!) to go out there and volunteer!

Why am I part of the indiGO team?

I started off in the team as a volunteer and now it is part of me! I see, feel and experience the benefits of ethical volunteering for myself and for others and wish for a conscious shift in the world. I was born into a safe country, provided with education and most of all love. I believe everyone of us should have the same. I want to help people to connect to the power of helping others and hoping this will be contagious!

About Me..

I love travelling, my family, dancing, music and learning about others. I mediate everyday, which keeps my mind at rest. It takes me ages to read anything but when I do I make a conscious effort to try to better myself .. its a work in progress!

The Funny / odd / crazy things about me are..

I hate the sound of people eating.. especially apples and chewing gum. I change buses and train carriages to avoid people! I love plants and touch my house plants daily for plant energy. I have many more but you don’t want to know!