Volunteer Story: Argentina

So what do you do for indiGO Volunteers?
I’m a Volunteer Coordinator for Bosnia. I accept applications of volunteers who have good skills and willing to help and I connect them with project leads. I try to make the process easy and successful and helpful. 

What inspired you to be part of the indiGO team?
I was a refugee myself and I know how hard it is to be one of them. I remember how grateful me and my family were when we would have help of volunteers. I was a human right activist and volunteer and this experience made me strong enough to understand that our lives aren’t so bad as we sometimes think. I love volunteering and helping others as much as I can to improve the situation. Being a mother of two children im am not able to participate any of the project, although im very happy coordinating and helping out this way I am honored to be a part of indigo an also meet some special people who are volunteering for a long time and who became a part of my family

Tell us a bit about yourself…
I am a simple Roma woman, not enough educated, but hard life taught me a lot. Have two children who I love the most and running ngo for children with disabilities and special needs. My children have special needs. Knowing how hard it is, I opened ngo to try and help other parents and children… I love to help always and everybody in any way possible and I am against early marriage, hate discrimination and injustice.

Have you got any hidden talents?
Wrote 60 pages book (which is not finished) about my life as a Gypsy girl , and some writers and professors think its perfect.