Volunteer Story: Muhammed in Greece

Chef in the morning, family man in the afternoon, interpreter at night and full-time volunteer.

My name is Muhammed, I am 29 and from Iraq. I live in Thessaloniki with my wife and my son, who is 10 months old. I have lived here for some time now and have my things together, so I have time to help others. When you speak more than one language and cook you can help many people very easily. I love cooking and being around many people, so for me it is the perfect situation.

I found Oikopolis and the kitchen through Indigo Volunteers. They found this project for me and put me in contact with them, I am very happy about this. When I am not here as a cook and coordinator I sometimes go to the hospitals in the evening, where I volunteer as an interpreter. Many people need medical attention but they can not always explain what is wrong with them, so I help the doctors and the patients alike. There are so many good things that comes from volunteering, new friends and happy smiles. I love cooking so being here is very good for me and the people who we distribute the food to, I think everyone is very happy with this.