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We are so excited to share that because of your generosity, we are now able to reopen our volunteer matching operations on October 1st, until the end of the year.
Indigo is safe for the moment - but to continue into 2024,
we really need your help.

Across Europe, our volunteer matching services are needed more than ever - but as a charity, we are dependent on your kindness to stay alive. 
If you can, please consider setting up a
regular donation as this will help give us the stability we need to continue. 
From the bottom of our hearts,
thank you.

Our partners need volunteers in the following fields:

General Volunteering

Example roles: 

General volunteer, Distribution support, Sports volunteer, Laundry support, Children's activities, Driver

Health & Psychological support

Example roles:

Health educator, Healthcare professional, Volunteer with interest in sports

Education & Languages

Example roles:

Language & ESL teacher, Tutor, Education coordinator, Interpreter

Arts & Crafts

Example roles: 

Community space volunteer, Media lab supervisor, Bicycle repair, Sewing atelier

Legal support

Example roles:

Legal advisor, Interpreter, Advocacy volunteer, Case worker

Food & Gardening

Example roles:

Kitchen volunteer, Educational community garden support

Social Work & Protection

Example roles:

Employability support, Wellbeing coordinator, Youth program volunteer

Construction & Engineering

Example roles:

Maintenance technician, Carpentry, Workshop assistant, Electrician

Admin, Finances & IT

Example roles:

Fundraising and grant writing, Admin support, IT Coach

Media & Communications

Coordination & Management

Example roles:

Volunteer coordinator, Project coordinator, Field coordinator, Distribution coordinator

Logistics & Warehouse

Example roles:

Warehouse support, Stock volunteer, Logistics coordinator

The Application Process
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For questions regarding volunteering through Indigo, Covid-19, and more, please visit our FAQs.

Before, during and after your placement you will receive resources, wellbeing support, access to training and more!

Have a look at our  Learning Resources & participate in Training & Courses to learn about what it means to be a

responsible volunteer and a humanitarian.

Our grassroots partners on the map
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