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You can help by fundraising

Our volunteers help provide food and shelter to thousands of people. For many people, they are a lifeline. But it costs a lot to get vital helpers to projects around the world, all for free. 

This is a really difficult time for funding, but the need we face is still huge.
If you want to help, you can organise a fundraiser.

Whether it’s a sponsored run, a quiz, or gathering donations in celebration of your birthday - you’ll be ensuring that volunteers are able to improve the lives of people in the most difficult circumstances. 

This is a hugely valuable source of income to Indigo Volunteers and a key enabler of the important support we provide to our

grassroots partners.

You can read more about our impact here.

Here are some tips and ideas to make things easier!

1 Your fundraising target

Pick a target that feels achievable to you, or if there’s something in particular you would like to fund consider how much that might cost. Think about potential sources of donation matching (for example, some of your donors might have corporate matching available through work; if you’re in the UK donations from UK taxpayers are eligible for 20% Gift Aid).

£52 pays for the placement of one volunteer with one of our partners
£56 pays for the support to one of our partner organisations for a month
£1 creates £23 through Indigo's services

Create a fundraising page

Set up your fundraising page on People's Fundraising
This is our most recommended option, with no transaction fees and Gift Aid options available. This is the best platform for ensuring
that every single penny of a donation counts!

Find out how to set it up and see more options here

Our top tips
  1. Don’t be afraid to fundraise as a group as well, especially if you’re volunteering with friends or colleagues. It can be a lot of fun!

  2. As soon as you have created your fundraising page, let the Indigo team know so that we can help to share your fundraising adventure!

  3. Keep your fundraising page as up to date as possible, share your story, and explain why you believe in our work so that your supporters feel connected to you.

  4. Share share share! Share your fundraising page across your social channels, ask your friends to share it with their friends, get it out into the world so that people can see the amazing work you are doing and can support you with donations!

Fundraising activities and event ideas

Challenge yourself
for sponsorship

Set yourself an ambitious goal and ask friends, family and coworkers to sponsor you.

Some popular ideas include:

  • Sponsored hitchhikes

  • Running 5K, 10K, marathons or more

  • Climbing mountains

  • Swimming long distances

  • Triathlons

  • Extreme sports: white water rafting, skydiving


Share your fundraising page via social media and email, and remind people when you see them!

Top tip

Use social media to share your training journey and remind people what you’re doing and why.

Let us know how you’re getting on!

We’d love to share your progress with our team and on social media.


Follow and tag us on Facebook and Instagram @indigovolunteers, or email stories to

Thank you so much for choosing Indigo Volunteers as the charity you will be fundraising for - we are so excited to have your support!

Other ways to raise funds


Donate your clothes through Thrift+ and 66% of the profits will go to Indigo. Simply order your bag free of charge, fill it with 15 items of clothing, send it back, and voila - you give them a new lease of life! Thrift then sells your old gems on their website and donates directly to us.

Ethical gifts

We have partnered with a handful of amazing businesses that create beautiful crafts and donate a % of their profits to Indigo. You can buy them all year round and know that with each purchase you're doing good for the world! 

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