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Are you ready to make
DOUBLE the difference
for refugees?

Between 28th November - 5th December, we’re taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge to raise £12,000. Donating to Indigo during this time allows you to DOUBLE your impact through match-funding. So for every £20 you give, we receive £40 through the Big Give Doubler.


As winter approaches, refugees face freezing temperatures in unimaginably difficult circumstances. We need to get 230 dedicated volunteers to provide help where it’s needed most - but we urgently need YOUR support to make this possible.

So if you can, PLEASE DONATE. By supporting us, you’ll enable urgently needed volunteers to provide blankets and warm clothing, hot food and shelter, safe spaces for women and vital legal aid to families facing winter in unbearably challenging conditions. 

Thank you ❤️

The Indigo team

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What are we Fundraising For?

While for many of us winter means getting together with loved ones, holidays and the possibility of fun in the snow, for refugees across Europe, it’s a different story.


Freezing temperatures and a lack of decent food and shelter mean refugees face HUGE challenges during the winter.


Indigo’s partners and volunteers act as a lifeline during this perilous period: from distributing blankets and warm clothing to hot meals and essential medical care, our dedicated volunteers work day and night to support vulnerable people through the toughest season of the year.

But there is a problem. 

The humanitarian sector is having an incredibly tough time at the moment: due to a lack of funding and a shortage of volunteers, our charity partners are increasingly struggling to get support where it is needed most. 


At Indigo, we are dedicated to ethically supporting our partners with skilled volunteers, expertise and resources that help them create a meaningful impact. 

Our aim is to raise enough money to match 230 volunteers with our partners - this amounts to £12,000. 

By choosing to support Indigo, your donations will help refugees access:

Blankets and warm clothing
to protect against the cold
Hot food, and shelter
from freezing temperatures
Safe spaces
for women and children
Legal aid
throughout their journey

Why Donate during the Big Give?

Through the Big Give Doubler, if you donate £20, we receive £40 for the first £2,000 raised.

What does that mean in practice?

For example, a donation of £50 could allow one of Indigo's volunteers to run English classes for refugees for 2 months. If you donate this week, the same donation will place two volunteers who will run classes for 4 months, thus providing refugees with more consistent access to classes!

Pretty cool, right? 


Our Impact Since the Last Big Give (Dec. 2022)


displaced people supported


saved charities

in recruitment costs


partners supported

across 10 countries


days of volunteering


£2 million

in donated hours

(at 7.5 h/d and 10 £/h)

Our impact is not just numbers

Whilst summarising our impact in numbers makes sense, it's worth looking beyond that. 


For every 1 day we worked in 2023, we arranged 89 days worth of volunteering. 


This means that every single day, we arranged 89 more days where:

  • refugees had access to clothing, blankets, and shelter. 

  • refugees had someone to talk to, and could have their voices heard.

  • children had a safe space to play, and be a child again. 

  • pregnant and new mothers could access help.

  • refugees could access showers and wash their clothes.

  • refugees could eat hot, nutritious meals.

  • separated families could stay in touch through wifi centres.

Support our Big Give Christmas Challenge to be part of something meaningful. 

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Looking for more ways to help?

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