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Setting up your own online fundraiser


Thank you so much for choosing Indigo Volunteers as the charity you will be fundraising for - we are so excited to have your support! Whether you are running a half marathon, doing 100 yoga salutations in a day, or cycling the length of a continent, be assured that your efforts will directly impact the lives of refugees and asylum seekers across Europe. To give you some inspiration, previous fundraisers have included: birthday fundraisers, virtual pub quizzes, car boot sales, music concerts and sporting events.


Indigo's top tips


  1. As soon as you have created your fundraising page, let the Indigo team know so that we can help to share your fundraising adventure! 

  2. Keep your fundraising page as up to date as possible, share your story, and explain why you believe in our work so that your supporters feel connected to you.  

  3. Share share share! Share your fundraising page across your social channels, ask your friends to share it with their friends, get it out into the world so that people can see the amazing work you are doing and can support you with donations!

  4. Add photos! People love to see what you are up to and photos are a great way to share your story.

  5. Most importantly, don't forget to thank your incredible donors for supporting your cause! 


Fundraising pages
People's Fundraising


This is our most recommended option for our supporters, with no transaction fees and Gift Aid options available this is the best platform for ensuring that every single penny of a donation counts! 


How to set up your fundraiser:

  1. Head to

  2. Select ‘Sign Up’ on the top right hand sand of the homepage

  3. Select  ‘Fundraiser’ option

  4. Enter your details

  5. Select sign up at the bottom of the page

  6. Select the’ Individual Fundraising option

  7. Then press ‘Create a Fundraising Page’

  8. Type in Indigo Volunteers in the ‘Search Criteria’ box

  9. Select Indigo by pressing ‘Create a Fundraising Page’

  10. Input your fundraiser details

  11. Press create

  12. Review our top tips at the top of this document to get you started.




Givey is great for all types of fundraisers, although it's worth bearing in mind your donors will be charged a 5% transaction fee when they support your cause.


How to set up your fundraiser:

  1. Sign up and create an account here:

  2. Select  ‘Start Fundraising’ on the homepage 

  3. Choose a charity - type Indigo Volunteers into the search bar 

  4. Select Indigo

  5. Input the details of your charity fundraiser 

  6. Press create fundraiser! 

  7. Review our top tips at the top of this document to get you started.


Virgin Money Giving 


Virgin Money Giving fits best for one off events, i.e a half marathon - you can also fundraiser for multiple charities on one fundraiser


How to set up your fundraiser:

  1. Head to

  2. Click the fundraising drop down tab at the top of the homepage

  3. Press ‘Read More About Fundraising’  for further information

  4. When you're ready to get started press ‘Start Fundraising’’

  5. Enter your contact details

  6. Enter your fundraiser details

  7. Search Indigo when selecting the charity of your choice

  8. Select Indigo 

  9. Create page! 

  10. Review our top tips at the top of this document to get you started.

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