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Small acts, Big impact: Your community can change people's lives

If you've been looking for a way to help refugees but aren't able to donate or volunteer, this is for you!


In a couple of months, on June 20th, we'll be honoring World Refugee Day, but this year we want to help our network show solidarity and raise awareness starting from now!


We are looking for 25 people to run local or online fundraisers in order to raise funds to help sustain our crucial support to charities across Europe that are going above and beyond to help refugees.


We'll be here to guide you and provide all the support you may need, so if this sounds interesting send us a message!

Download to toolkit to access all linked resources

Do you want to learn more about running a fundraiser and receive guidance from the Indigo team?

Thank you so much for choosing Indigo Volunteers as the charity you will be fundraising for - we are so excited to have your support!

Other ways to raise funds


Donate your clothes through Thrift+ and 66% of the profits will go to Indigo. Simply order your bag free of charge, fill it with 15 items of clothing, send it back, and voila - you give them a new lease of life! Thrift then sells your old gems on their website and donates directly to us.

Ethical gifts

We have partnered with a handful of amazing businesses that create beautiful crafts and donate a % of their profits to Indigo. You can buy them all year round and know that with each purchase you're doing good for the world! 

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