Fundraise for Indigo

At Indigo our heart and efforts go into fee-free connecting services: it is our mission to personally match each volunteer to a charity that best fits their unique skillset and drive. Nobody, neither the volunteers nor the charities shall have to pay for their invaluable contribution. Not yesterday, not today, and not tomorrow.

To ensure that this service remains cost free, Indigo is highly dependent on donations to meet the charity’s basic needs. And here’s where YOU can make a difference: become an Indigo fundraiser by fundraising from home!

How can you help?

We are looking for volunteers determined to make a difference: your passion, your creativity, your talent, or simply your dedication give you a reason to set up a fundraising event on behalf of Indigo. There are no limits to your ideas. Events of any kind and size - from simple and time-efficient to something really out there and innovative - will make a difference. Every effort is an invaluable contribution. You can be sure that the money you raise will go where it’s needed most.

Fundraising platforms

Below are links to two fundraising platforms that are already set up


Virgin Money Giving

Golden Giving

We created a step by step guide for setting up your fundraiser.

Donr - Text INDIGO to the number 70085. They will then receive a text message asking how much they would like to donate, they will then follow the instructions in the text message in order to respond and donate!

Becoming a regular

Are you interested in becoming an Indigo regular? No time to volunteer or set up an event, but still keen to get involved?

A direct donation – your personal contribution. Regardless of amount and frequency, every donation is a valuable and highly appreciated contribution to Indigo’s work.

Give As You Live

Give As You Live is a fundraising platform which allows you to raise money for Indigo for free. Over 4000 stores have partnered with Give As You Live, so that when you shop at a store via the Give As You Live website or app, they’ll process your order in a way that donates anywhere from 1-10% of your sale to us. 


Sign up, and select ‘Indigo Volunteers’ as your charity of choice. 


Sign up & get started


Donate your best second-hand clothes through Thrift+ and 66% of the profits can go to Indigo Volunteers if you kindly choose to support us!  You order a bag from the website, free of charge and place 15 items of clothing in the bag. Then simply drop it off at your nearest drop off point and send it back to them. 


Find out how it works & donate

Top three Indigo fundraising suggestions

Top ideas of how to get involved, including advice on how to go about it. Of course, anything can be individually adapted to make it your own unique Indigo fundraiser event.

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