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You can help...

Like many people and organisations around the world, Indigo’s operations have been significantly impacted by the outbreak of Covid-19. Our donations have dropped by 80% in the last four months.

Our wonderful partners are working tirelessly to resume their operations and continue providing urgent aid for refugee communities and asylum seekers across the European migratory route. Volunteers at Refugee4Refugees were able to distribute over 950 diaper and hygiene packs to parents and children living in the refugee camp in Samos. The volunteers at FoodKIND have been providing over 700 daily meals to the refugee community in Athens.  


This essential work could not have been done without the volunteers on the frontline. We support our partners with this, by connecting them with volunteers who join their teams to support refugee communities in Europe.

With our own current lack of financial support putting pressure on the sustainability of our operations, we need your help more than ever. Helping us to recover from the significant drop in donations we have seen in the last four months would mean that our small team can carry on providing care and support to vulnerable communities as well as the people who support them, whilst continuing to be a leading voice in responsible volunteering.

Where does your money go?

We keep our running costs low, with a small, dedicated team of five people in Greece and London.

  • It costs £25 to organise one webinar to upskill our partners.

  • It costs £45 to facilitate one psycho-social session for a volunteer.

  • It costs £100 to place one volunteer with one of our partners.

  • It costs £200 to support one of our partner organisations for a month.

You can read more about our impact here.

Top five ways you can help...


Donate your clothes through Thrift+ and 66% of the profits will go to Indigo. Simply order your bag free of charge, fill it with 15 items of clothing, send it back, and voila - you give them a new lease of life! Thrift then sells your old gems on their website and donates directly to us.

Ethical gifts

We have partnered with a handful of amazing businesses that create beautiful crafts and donate a % of their profits to Indigo. You can buy them all year round and know that with each purchase you're doing good for the world! 

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