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Support During & After your placement

Wellbeing Support

Although the work you will be carrying out while volunteering can be rewarding, it can also be physically and emotionally demanding. Many humanitarians struggle to find a healthy balance between the demands of the work and the need to pay attention to their own well-being.

Personal wellbeing is crucial to be able to support the project sustainably and effectively. 

Wellbeing Support Network

During and after your volunteer placement you can access our network of wellbeing and mental health professionals for 1-1 support.


Our Wellbeing Support Network is made up by volunteers and therefore all support is available free of charge to Indigo volunteers and partner teams.​

Self-Care Podcast

A show by and for humanitarian aid workers who want to feel good while doing good! 

Provides a safe space for discussion and reflection about all things wellbeing, self-care (for ourselves and others), and a compassionate culture in the aid sector. 



We have a large network of partners organisations and professionals who we often partner with to deliver live training and workshops to support humanitarians.

What & How?

During or after your placement you may notice you want to expand your knowledge and skills on topics related to humanitarian work like:

  • Wellbeing

  • Safeguarding

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Responsible Volunteering

  • Working with vulnerable people

  • Privilege

  • Intersectionality

  • Communication

  • Logistics

By identifying the needs that arise within our partners teams, we work with professionals to deliver training sessions on the above topics and more. Some trainings are for free and others paid, and in most cases the training takes place online.

We will share all training and workshop opportunities via email!

If you've opted out of receiving Indigo's marketing communications, you will not receive those emails. Send us an email if you want to change that.

See currently available training sessions and sign up below 😃

Experience debrief

Many of our volunteers share feeling unsettled when returning home after volunteering. Feelings of guilt, disatisfaction and lack of direction are just some of the difficult emotions you may experience after your placement is over. 

Volunteering can be a life changing, but intense, experience.

Our coaches are here to help every volunteer find their pathway even after their placement is over. Book a call with one of the below to debrief your experience and get guidance in shaping your next steps.


Indigo Volunteers is committed to safe and transparent conduct and encourages everybody in its network to raise their voice if they have a concern or if an incident occurs. 

What & How?

Any member of staff, volunteer, partner, or person otherwise connected to Indigo’s network and its mission can raise a concern or report a case of misconduct. Please find a detailed account on how Indigo manages complaints on our complaints page below.


You can always contact us at if you're struggling with something during your placement, or use any of the three dedicated pathways found on our complaints page.


Feedback & Support

Do you need additional support? Would like to give us feedback about something going on during your placement? 


Reach out and our volunteer coordination team will be happy to hear you out or jump on a call to further discuss what is going on.

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