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Becoming a responsible volunteer requires an understanding of the cause you are supporting. Please take a few minutes to learn about the refugee situation in Europe and brush up on some basic humanitarian terminology.

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Indigo Volunteers partners with organisations across Greece, France, Serbia, Bosnia, Lebanon, Poland, Moldova, Slovakia, Cyprus and the UK. Each of these locations have their own unique asylum system, as well as varying climate, culture and Covid-19 regulations. Continue reading for a short introduction to each of our locations.


Indigo Volunteers and the grassroots humanitarian organisations that we support all base our work around five core humanitarian principles. Our volunteers are therefore also expected to understand and adhere to them. Read on to find out what they are.

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To take your learning in your own hands, find a variety of  training sessions, articles, podcasts and resources that will help you develop your sense of responsible volunteering and your understanding of the humanitarian context of Europe’s refugee crisis.  We hope it will help you feel more prepared for when you start your volunteer placement.

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