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20 Ways to Make a Difference for World Refugee Day

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On 20th June, the world celebrates World Refugee Day. On this day, humanitarians across the world honour the strength and courage of refugees, whilst raising awareness about the challenges facing refugee and displaced communities. 

At Indigo Volunteers, World Refugee Day serves as a reminder for us to sustain our support to charities who are going above and beyond for refugee populations every single day. 

We would love for you to join us as a show of solidarity. 

Leading up to the 20th June, here are 20 meaningful ways you can support refugees through Indigo Volunteers:

As an Individual

1. Sponsored Walks
  • Organise a sponsored walk and gather pledges from friends to support your efforts. Chloe and Cem recently took part in a sponsored walk with their friends in Edinburgh and raised almost £100 - find out how they did it here!

2. List Indigo as your Chosen Charity 
  • Did you know that you can list Indigo Volunteers as your chosen charity for a running or swimming event? Whether you’re taking part in a marathon, half-marathon or even a Kilt Walk, you can raise money for Indigo!

3. Volunteer your time
  • Apply to volunteer and make a difference with one of our incredible charity partners this summer. You can find all our available roles here, and be confident we will place you where you will have the most impact!

4. Raise Awareness on Social Media
  • Follow Indigo’s social media to stay up to date with relevant news from the ground! Raising awareness is a powerful way to bring others’ attention to refugee crises. As refugee news is slowly falling out of the main media discourse, your social media platform is becoming an ever-increasingly powerful tool. 

5. Host a Bake Sale
  • If you enjoy baking, why don’t you bake some delicious treats and host a bake sale in your community! This gives you the chance to both raise funds to donate AND spread awareness through conversations with your neighbours and friends.

6. Run a raffle
  • Organising a raffle is a simple and effective way to raise money for refugee support. Sell tickets to friends, family, and coworkers, and donate the funds raised to Indigo Volunteers!

7. Run a virtual fundraising event
  • It’s not always possible to host events in person. Virtual fundraisers, such as webinars or quiz nights, can be just as effective in bringing people together in an accessible and fun way. We recommend using People’s Fundraising as your site of choice! 

8. Get your company to double your impact!
  • When running your fundraiser, it could be very likely that you work for a match-funding company. This means your employer could match the amount of funds you raise, and make your donation go TWICE as far! You can find out if you work for a match-funding company here*. 

*Don't see your company on the list? Ask HR just in case your company offers the benefit but has not gotten around to spreading the word!

With a Group

9.Plan a fundraiser event as a group:
  • Plan and host a charity event with your friends and family. You can use our fundraising toolkit to find group activities (from auctions to talent shows to garage sales) and plan your event!

10. Host a Workshop with friends and family
  • Workshops can be a fantastic way to bring people together and provide a chance to educate your community; you can host a workshop about refugee experiences with topics addressing the global refugee crisis.

11. Start a Book Club with and for a cause
  • You can come together with others in your community to read books focusing on migration, or written by refugee authors,  such as Asylum Speakers (Jaz O’Hara) or Conversations from Calais (Mathilde Del Torre). Bonus! Your Book Club can do double duty as a fundraiser if you ask for a £25 donation for each participating member. 

12. Become an Ambassador
  • Social Media is a powerful way to create conversations, engage in dialogue, and act as an advocate for refugees. Contact us on our Instagram to become an Indigo ambassador and help us with our advocacy efforts and share powerful and important information. 

13. Support Refugee Businesses

REMEMBER! Every £, € or $you raise/donate to Indigo Volunteers could be DOUBLED if your company offers match-funding.  See if your company is listed here, and if not, check with your HR representative to make sure your amazing efforts are fully maximised!

As a Corporation 

14. Connect your employees with mentorship sessions with our charity partners
  • Indigo Mentors is a way for your employees to have an impact by providing mentorship support, training and consultations to charities in the humanitarian sector that need knowledge and guidance to further their mission.

15. Become an official partner of Indigo Volunteers
  • At Indigo, we offer a range of CSR opportunities for your business to engage with. From sponsorship to attending talks hosted by Holly Penalver, we have countless opportunities for you to strengthen your ties to Indigo’s work!

16. Match your employees' fundraising efforts
  • Match-funding involves companies pledging to match the contribution made by their employees to charitable organisations. It not only encourages more donations but also means charities receive DOUBLE the donation!

17. Corporate Donations
  • Make a corporate donation to Indigo Volunteers - for every £1 donated, we create £23 of impact. For each corporate donation we receive, we share a personalised thank-you note on our Linkedin profile!

18. Host Corporate Events
  • Organise corporate events such as charity balls or sports tournaments to raise funds and awareness for refugees; this is a great way to bring employees together in a fun and meaningful way.

19. Promote Awareness Campaigns
  • Use your company’s platform and visibility to promote awareness campaigns about the refugee crisis. Get in touch with Indigo to see we can help you with any media campaigns, newsletters and content partnership you may need!

20. List Indigo as your Chosen Charity
  • Each year, your business may choose a charity to make philanthropic donations to or list for payroll donations. Read our impact report to see the incredible work Indigo does, and why we should be your next chosen charity.

Are you ready to fundraise for World Refugee Day?

Although World Refugee Day falls on 20th June, we encourage you to hold your fundraising event at any time from now.  Beyond the 20 ideas listed above, the Indigo Team can provide additional support as you plan your fundraiser from a brainstorming session to implementation! 

We have created a Fundraising Toolkit to assist you at every stage of your planning process, from setting goals and creating promotional materials to involving your community. So whether you’re a seasoned professional or it’s your first time planning a fundraiser, Indigo is here to offer support each step of the way!

The toolkit includes:

  • Step-by-step guidance on planning and executing successful fundraisers

  • Tips for effective communication and outreach

  • Sample fundraising ideas and event suggestions

  • Downloadable templates and resources

We would love to stay updated on your fundraising journey, and provide you with additional support you may need, either through email or our social media!

Get in touch to start creating a BIG impact today:


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