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8 ways to help in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic

Although we have had to pause our current operations due to the coronavirus outbreak, we want to help you find other ways to help. There are many ways you can be helping locally within your community during this crisis. Here are eight ways to keep you busy!

1. Start by offering to help your neighbours and friends

Check-in with friends and family regularly. Suggest a phone call, Skype or WhatsApp conversation with anyone you suspect might be feeling isolated. 

These are local community groups coming together to assist the most vulnerable in their community. People who have lived next door to each other for years but have never spoken are now checking in on each other, dropping off supplies and calling up older neighbours who maybe lonely. It seems that beautiful things are already coming out of this terrible situation. Find your local group on the website here or  on the Facebook page.

Foodbanks are low in supply at the moment. Check with your local food bank first to see what supplies they are currently in need of. You can take a look at the trussell trust website to find your nearest foodbank.


The government has called out for 250,000 people to be NHS responders. Roles include: Check-in and Chat Volunteer, Community Response Volunteer, and an NHS Transport Volunteer. You can sign up here!

If you are able to, volunteer to give blood. Check if you are eligible here. Blood centres are open and are taking extra safety measures at this time. Register on the website here.

If you are living in London then Team London have put together a list of opportunities and contacts in relation to boroughs. Search for your borough on the website and see how you can help in your local community.

This is a community group that has been set up to connect individuals and organisations on a local level and to signpost those looking for help and resources.

Please consider joining this group or invite someone to join if you/they are one of the following:

  1. A migrant, an asylum seeker or an individual without immigration status who needs immediate support

  2. An organisation that supports migrants and asylum seekers

  3. An individual who is able to support asylum seekers in their local area

  4. An individual with language skills who is able to assist with translation

  5. An existing regional mutual aid group looking to reach out to migrant groups

The ‘Adopt a Grandparent’ campaign was started to help combat loneliness in the older population. They connect young people with the elderly who may not have grandparents or grandchildren of their own, with the aim to create invaluable, lifelong friendships. You can register here.

Thank you to everyone who wants to help come together at this difficult time. We will keep updating this page, so please watch out for more!

If you are planning on or are already volunteering locally with a neighbourhood volunteering initiative, please read this post on how to stay safe while volunteering.



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