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An update from Greece

Indigo’s founder, Holly Penalver gives us an update on the situation in Greece over the last week. (End Feb – Beginning of March 2020)

After many years of refugees arriving in Greece, the country is facing one of its most challenging times yet.

Violence from some local Greek groups has reached an all-time high. Our partner charities on the ground have tried to continue their work, but many have had to reduce or cease operations due to safety concerns for staff and volunteers. Protests, arson, and intimidation and attacks on aid workers have unfortunately become commonplace.

Last week Turkey, already host to 3.6 million Syrian refugees, opened its borders and encouraged thousands of people seeking asylum to make their way to Greece. Those attempting to cross by land were met with violence, tear gas and brutality, whilst some boats that crossed by sea were illegally pushed back and attacked, leaving people in distress and unable to seek safety. In the past week, two people have lost their lives seeking safety in Europe, one of them a young child.

With the largest number of refugees trapped on the islands than ever before, our team is working tirelessly to support during this emergency situation and working closely with our volunteers and partners. If you want to help then please support our work by:



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