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A message to all previous volunteers...

A while back you did something extraordinary - you saw a problem, you packed your bags and decided to volunteer in another country, to stand in solidarity and support with refugees and asylum seekers making their journey to safety in Europe. Volunteers continue to be at the heart of the grassroots refugee response, and this is why we need you.

Without volunteers, grassroots organisations would not be able to provide aid, education, medical care, and so much more. We are committed to continue support this courageous volunteer community and organisations. 

When you decided to take that step, you applied to volunteer through Indigo and we connected you with our partner organisations, at no cost. To ensure we can keep Indigo accessible to everyone, we now need you. It costs £100 to place one volunteer in the field and £200 to support one partner for one month.

Over the last three weeks, we have been running our first ever fundraising campaign and have already reached 90% of our target. Whether you're able to donate or not, we're sending you love during these challenging times.

All the best,

Holly x

Photo credits: @movementonthegroundofficial



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