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Cape to Cairo for Indigo

When it comes to fundraising, Indigo appreciates every gesture or donation, whatever the size. However, next year Paddy Cunliffe will be taking on a huge challenge in aid of Indigo Volunteers that deserves particular recognition, due to the sheer scale of the task he will undertake. On 16th January 2020, Paddy will begin his cycling journey in Cape Town, South Africa, aiming to cross the finish line some 9 months later in Cairo, Egypt. This immense journey is over 10,000km long, and as such Paddy hopes to raise £10,000 for Indigo.

This incredible feat will push his limits mentally, physically, and emotionally, and his determination merits as much support as we can muster. If you are interested in following Paddy’s journey, or donating to the cause, here is a link to Paddy’s Go Fund Me page. What’s more, below is a message from Paddy himself, explaining why he chose Indigo Volunteers as his charity to support and expanding upon his mission.



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