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Corporate Support for Indigo Volunteers

To those of you who aren’t familiar with who we are and what we do. Welcome to Indigo Volunteers!

We are a charity that matches volunteers with projects across the globe that best suit them and their skillset. The two sectors we work with are categorised into Community Development and Refugee Migrant, and the whole process is fee free, making it accessible and non-exploitative. The impact this process has is huge, as we provide essential aid, resources, and knowledge to struggling communities and grass-root projects. 

However, as we are a charity, and our core process is fee-free, we rely on the generosity of sponsors, donations, and fundraising to keep going.

There are numerous ways companies can get involved and support us:

1. Sponsorship – 

By making a donation to Indigo, you will have a direct impact on the life-changing work we do. Furthermore, there are mutual benefits to gain from a sponsorship. We can provide support with annual CSR days, as well as with any local or international volunteering opportunities the members of your company may be interested in, as individuals or small groups. 

2. Fundraising –

If your company or team is considering hosting or participating in a fundraising event on our behalf, we would love to hear your ideas!

3. The Indigo Challenge – 

We have created this apprentice-style event to raise both funds and awareness. Participants test their cooperation, initiative, and creativity in a series of competitive tasks, centred around fundraising activities. What’s more, the content of the event will have a positive impact on the company’s CSR credentials, team building, and provide useful PR opportunities along the way. The day of activities is entirely free of charge and can be organised at the convenience of the company, all year round.

If you are interested in any of the above or would like more information on our fundraising challenge, please contact Holly Penalver at

Or find out more about what we do here.sponsorshipCSRbusinessfunraising



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