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Drop in the Ocean

‘Indigo has been one of our two main providers of volunteers these last few months. As most of us know the winter is a slow time regards to the number of volunteers, but thankfully the team at Indigo sent over some great applications and were able to connect us with brilliant people. Each one amazingly heartwarming – kind – ready to pull up their sleeves and get to work at whatever task needed to be performed. This allowed us to keep our projects running this winter and ensured people stuck in Greek refugee camps had their basic needs met in addition to being able to participate in activities such as informal English lessons, kids activities, sewing projects and, build and repair.’

– October 2018


Drop in the Ocean is located in Polykastro, Skaramangas, Elfsina and Lesvos. They perform distributions, warehouse logistics, activities for children and construction of various gathering points for the refugees. There are multiple things to get involved with, such as distributing vegetables in the camps or managing a mother and baby space. In Lesvos, they run a community centre that offers non-formal education, including language classes.


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