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First Aid Training

With the movement restrictions on camp residents across Greece being extended to 31st August, fewer people have access to healthcare. With this in mind, Med’EqualiTeam has been working to get more people first aid trained. 

Over the last few months, Indigo has collaborated with consultants and trainers, to deliver a total of 24 webinars with over 850 participants from our partner organisations and the wider volunteer community. 

We are now excited to have organised our first in-person training on Samos since the start of Covid-19. Alongside Medequali'Team on Samos, we facilitated a first aid training with organisations across the island!

Here are some lovely photos from last week’s training session with community volunteers from Movement on the Ground!

We rely heavily on donations to keep supporting our partners with important training opportunities like this. If you have the capacity to donate, click here!



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