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Five Reasons To Visit Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small but fascinating country. The people, the history, and the melting pot of culture and religion make it an incredible place that’s well worth visiting.

1. The capital Sarajevo is a stunning city, brimming with culture and ambience. Strolling through the old town, stopping at Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque and finally visiting Sebilj Fountain, will give you a great appreciation for the cultural melting pot that is Sarajevo. For a great view over this incredible city, you can walk up to Zuta Tabija Castle which overlooks a old graveyard and the town.

2. The natural beauty Una National Park is Bosnia’s newest national park. Sitting in the north western part of the country, the drive into Una is nothing short of stunning – rivers, large meadows and even quaint villages. And then once you’re in the park, you’ll be surrounded by lakes, huge trees and rolling greenery. You can’t help but feel instantly relaxed.

3. The quaint towns Pencil in a visit to the town of Mostar to see it’s Stari Most, or ‘old bridge’. This picturesque bridge is 24-metre high and was reconstructed after the war. Also pop by Konjic, home to a lesser-known but equally as stunning bridge. There are lots of quiet cafes where you can relax on the beautiful Neretva river.

4. The history In Sarajevo, take a walk along the river past the Latin Bridge – this where Frans Ferdinand was assassinated, which was the catalyst for World War One. Or if you’re nearby Konjic, visit Tito’s Bunker. This secret $4.6 billion complex was created for the government in case of nuclear attack. Ironically, the bunker was never even used, due to the fact that Sarajevo was never faced with nuclear attack; but this means that bunker is still pretty much intact so you can go on fascinating tours through it.

5. The volunteering opportunities Indigo has volunteering placements in and nearby Bosnia, so if you’re heading there for a cultural getaway, you can easily tack on a volunteer stint and give back whilst travelling. Find out more here.

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