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Hestia Hellas

What Hestia Hellas say about indigo:

“This month we would like to take a moment to thank the volunteer co-coordinators who not only help connect volunteers with Hestia Hellas, but for helping us with volunteer check ins and admin support. Internally, this aspect is something that often gets put to the bottom of the pile due to more urgent needs. However, being partnered with indiGO Volunteers helps to fill this void. indiGO does a great job at sending over a list of volunteers, and checking in to see where they are at in the application process. They will even send messages encouraging volunteers to move forward with planning their trip. This is a massive help in obtaining new volunteers so, thank you!”


Hestia Hellas is one of the many projects we work with in Greece, their goal is to support vulnerable populations (Greeks and Refugees) in their Athens-based center. They achieve this goal through providing; Psychosocial Support, Livelihoods, and Child-Friendly Space.

Their Psychosocial Support program provides one-on-one counselling sessions for children and adults with either a psychologist or psychiatrist.

The Livelihoods program supports professional development through the use of computer skills, job coaching, and entrepreneurship courses.

The Child-Friendly Space program is designed to address children’s specific needs (2-12 years old), such as emotional, educational, cognitive, and more, including specialisation in supporting children with mental and physical developmental disabilities.


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