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The Big Give Christmas Challenge - One donation, double the impact.

This Christmas, we are excited to announce that Indigo is taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge. From Dec 1st to Dec 8th, our generous pledgers and the Human Rights Fund will match every donation up to £2000.

What is the Big Give Christmas Challenge?

The Big Give runs the UK’s biggest match funding campaign, The Christmas Challenge. It offers supporters of charities the opportunity to have their donation doubled. Founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Alec Reed CBE, the Christmas Challenge has raised millions of pounds for thousands of charity projects since it launched on the Big Give in 2008.

Why we need your support?

As December begins, preparations for the festive season across the world are well underway. However, from Europe’s shores to the UK’s doorstep, displaced people continue to make their long and arduous journey to safety. This year has posed a series of challenges: an increase in hostile migration policies across Europe; riots and multiple fires on Greek islands; a global pandemic, and many more localised events besides. 

Despite these hurdles, our partners, volunteers, and you, our wonderful support network, have continued to believe in dignified assistance for displaced people striving to reach safety in Europe. Every step of the way, we have seen humanity and empathy flourish at the core of this community. 

Where does your money go?

Volunteers continue to be central to the grassroots refugee response across Europe; our partners are reliant on the compassion and generosity of volunteers donating their time. To ensure our partners can operate as efficiently and effectively as possible during the winter months, Indigo connects them with vital volunteers and resources. Your donation means we can:

  • Organise one webinar to upskill our partners, which costs £25

  • Facilitate one psycho-social session for a volunteer, which costs £45

  • Place one volunteer with one of our partners, which costs £100

  • Support one of our partner organisations for a month, which costs £200

Your donation is a contribution to grassroots organisations and volunteers who come together to support displaced people. Throughout the fear and uncertainty, one thing that this year has taught us is the power and influence of people uniting and working together towards a common goal.  

And don't forget, the Christmas Challenge means your donation will be doubled! One donation, double the impact.



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