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The impact of your donation.

What does Indigo do with your donation?

Responsible humanitarian work is at the core of what we do. So far this year we enabled 477 volunteers to safely take action. These are everyday people, just like you, who feel the urge to support their fellow humans.

Together with our partners, we believe in the vital work and the potential of the grassroots sector. This year we have increased our focus on mental health and education. Through Indigo over 460 volunteers accessed psycho-social support and we facilitated 45 training sessions on a range of humanitarian topics for over 1200 people.

What social impact does your money create when you donate to Indigo?

This summer we teamed up with a social impact fellow from the New York University to measure the social impact Indigo creates in this world. For every £1, Indigo creates £11 worth of social impact - this means we are super efficient with every penny you trust us with.

Our social impact is measured in the support we provide to grassroots organisations - the volunteers we recruit for them, the connections we make, the training we organise, the psychosocial support we facilitate and the hand-picked resources we share.

How does your donation impact the community of humanitarians?

Here are some kind words from the people themselves:

“I have no words to say how grateful I am for the existence of this organization - it simply changed my life perspective. Indigo manages to bring together everything that is missing in charity nowadays.” - Amanda, Volunteer

“After Covid-19 and the recent fire in Moria, Lesvos, Indigo helped us find volunteers through these challenging times. We are really grateful and impressed by the support the team gave us! Thank you!” - Refugee4Refugees, Greece

‘Indigo took any uncertainty out of the search to find a volunteering placement. Their connections across multiple countries with such a variety of NGOs is invaluable. It's a great way to know if your skills are matched with what is needed in the field. - Aisling, Volunteer

“My Indigo volunteering experience led me to start working for a social enterprise and reexamine my values. It was nothing short of life-changing!” - Nikos, Volunteer

Strong connections and collaboration creates more than just numbers. It creates a sense of community, it brings people together to learn and grow and most of all stand in solidarity with displaced people.



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