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Volunteer Story: David in Greece

Volunteering can be a daunting prospect; volunteering at the age of 73 even more so. Indigo have been a big help in finding me a placement and charity to work for. Throughout, the team have been supportive and given me every encouragement.  

The support has been on two levels: firstly, they put me in touch with OCC [Open Cultural Center], the charity I joined. Secondly, they offered excellent support throughout my stay with OCC in Greece. It was always reassuring to know that Indigo staff were at hand to help with any problem or issue such as disputes between volunteers or refugees. The voice at the other end of the phone was always friendly and they had the experience to know what to suggest. Their advice on pitfalls and challenges proved invaluable.

Indigo gave me a choice of placement initially without pushing a preference and allowed me to make the decision on the one to join based on my own feelings about the information I’d been given. The background information on the charity entailed fair and honest details. Considerable choice was given: I had a choice of five or six charities or projects initially. 

The practical information they offered enabled me to go and it insured I was put in touch with a suitable organisation or project. It gave generic advice on costs and accommodation. It was left to the volunteer to work out his or her own travel arrangements and OCC, my chosen charity, to explain I had to make a contribution towards my stay and payments for meals; that wasn’t Indigo’s role. That role was handed over to OCC so on a day-to-day basis Indigo stepped back. 

However they monitored my progress from a distance but it was reassuring to know they were there and professional, knew exactly what they were doing and had firsthand knowledge of the charities I was put in touch with. I think that’s important; many of the other members of staff had themselves  worked for one of the listed charities I was put in touch with.

Indigo were keen for feedback on the volunteering experience as soon as I returned. It would be invidious to single out one person for praise; the entire team was excellent. I can give my unwavering support to Indigo and I will be using them again for any future volunteering.


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