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Volunteer Story: Freja in Greece

I have been working with Intervolve for a month. Today I realised this. It’s strange how a month can feel so long and extremely short at the same time. So many smiling people I have met. Knowing that these are only a fraction of the residents in the camp. I am so thankful for being given an opportunity to help out. Whatever is needed I love contributing; packing diapers, teaching crafts, carrying potatoes and doing activities with children. Yesterday I returned to site after being sick. A wonderful group hug from the children was welcoming me.

These moments have become a part of every day. A connection is somehow made for me to see that volunteering here right now has a purpose. Even though I am tired after work and I have no time to do much, I choose love. All you need is love. I give thanks to Indigo for connecting me to Intervolve, for connecting so many people so our energy can be used on spreading a happy message of hope and love rather than fear and hate.


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