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Volunteer Story: Nicole in Chios

After finishing my studies at university, I knew that I wanted to follow a humanitarian-based career. I wanted to spend some time volunteering as I had the ability to and wanted more experience in the field, but I had limited funds. A lot of the websites I looked at charged large fees to put people into volunteering positions, so I began to look for a way to contact organisations without being charged a fee. This is when I came across Indigo. 

The application process was easy and also reassuring. Filling out a form of my own abilities so I could be matched with a suitable project was something I was extremely happy about. This shows that Indigo care for both their volunteers and partner organisations and that my own positioning would result in me being a helpful team member. 

Communication was easy and I was quickly put in contact with a couple of organisations. From here I chose to volunteer with      Offene Arme e.V (CESRT). Upon my arrival I felt warmly welcomed and quickly found my place within the team. It is so nice to be working with a grassroots organisation as within a small team everyone is vital to our operations. I have felt so passionately about O.A/CESRT’s work that I have now extended my volunteering period from one month to five and am within a coordinating position. So, I would like to send a huge thank you to Indigo Volunteers for their help and support within my application process and all of the work they do. Having a team from Indigo come and visit Chios while I am here just further confirms to me that Indigo truly do care for their volunteers and the projects they support!


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