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Volunteer with Europe Must Act!

Europe Must Act is a grassroots movement demanding a new and humane migration policy and for Europe to treat all people who have come to seek safety with respect, dignity and understanding. In 2020, they have started petitions, organised peaceful protests and created activist groups campaigning for the EU to take action to ensure the safe relocation of people from the overcrowded camps on the Aegean.

Europe Must Act launched their 2021 campaign #NoMoreCamps which ‘demands the immediate halt to the construction of new detention camps’. After five years of people living in inadequate conditions in the camps on the Aegean Islands, “Greece and the EU are planning on the construction of permanent closed camps on the islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Leros and Kos. In these camps, asylum seekers will be detained for indefinite periods of time. They will compound human rights abuses and trauma experienced by refugees while still leaving Europe with an ineffective approach to managing migration.” (Europe Must Act 2021)

Europe Must Act is campaigning to stop the construction of these new camps and advocate humane and viable alternatives to detention. You can read their campaign strategy working document here and watch their welcome video here which outlines the goals, structure and focus of Europe Must Act.

To get their campaign off the ground and out into the world, Europe Must Act are looking for volunteers to join their movement. Europe Must are currently looking to fill the following positions:

  • UK National Press spokesperson

  • EMA Central Press spokesperson (find out more)

  • EMA Central Press team

  • Raising Voices team

  • Web designer

  • Social media content creators and researchers

  • Cities Must Act campaign strategy planning: (research on alternatives to detention centres; research on legal opportunities in host countries for welcoming refugees from the Greek island hotspot camps)

  • Germany Chapter team: social media developers, press coordinator, action day/event organizers

Europe Must Act are also looking for general volunteers who will:

  • Set up/support city chapters

  • Write reports

  • Create videos/graphics

  • Write grant applications

If you are interested in volunteering with Europe Must Act, please send them an email at and sign up to their newsletter to keep up to date with the campaign! This



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