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Volunteering in Lesvos

On 8th September 2020, there was a large fire in Moria, Lesvos - Europe's largest refugee camp. This fire coincides with the multiple confirmed Covid-19 cases within the camp. Our partners in Lesvos are currently responding to this emergency and are continuously adapting to new circumstances.

Indigo is looking for specialised volunteers to support our partner organisations. We encourage all prospective volunteers to understand and consider the potential risks that come with this volunteer placement.

Carefully read the information below and contact us in case you have any outstanding questions:

Do your research

Before submitting an application to volunteer on Lesvos, it’s important you gather information regarding the current situation on the ground in Lesvos through reliable sources. 

Volunteer requirements

At the moment, we are only sending volunteers to Lesvos that meet the following criteria: 


  •  25 years old or older 

  • Logistics / distribution experience

  • Adaptability in an ever-changing environment and remaining calm under stress 

  • Exceptional communication and ability to work in a team 

  • Strong physical and mental health

  • Able to commit to a minimum time of 1-month (excl. quarantine time)  in Lesvos

  • Ability to proactively manage own self-care and wellbeing


  • Previous experience volunteering in a similar context, i.e a refugee camp or crisis management   

  • Previous experience volunteering in the Aegean Islands

  • Good understanding of Lesvos and knowledge about the wider situation in the Aegean islands/European migration route 

  • Engineering/handyman skillset

  • Full driving license

Free psycho-social support from qualified and trained psychologists for volunteers is available. If you are interested

and would like to apply, fill out our application form here stating your time availability and skill-set.

Placing a volunteer in the field, costs Indigo £100 and as a charity, we highly rely on donation. In case you are unable to volunteer at this stage but want to take action, you can contribute to our work and support the volunteers currently responding this emergency on the ground.

Photo: Movement on the Ground (@movementonthegroundofficial)



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