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What makes Indigo unique?

As a people-centered organisation, we really value the feedback of volunteers we connect with our partner organisations in the field. To gain a better understanding of volunteer experience, on the whole, we surveyed the volunteers we placed between January and September 2019. In total, 153 volunteers took part in this survey. We asked these volunteers about their experience using Indigo to find a suitable grassroots organisation and about their perceived impact of their volunteering placement. 

Collating the feedback from our volunteers, we were able to see how volunteers’ understanding of the sector improved as a result of their time volunteering. We found that volunteers had gained valuable knowledge about the charity sector, the situation on the ground, and the role of a volunteer. Chris told us:

Through Indigo I got connected to so many people and helped me to learn a lot about volunteering as well as refugee and migration context on the ground.

Additionally, over 99% of volunteers said that Indigo helped to reduce the time and effort needed to find a suitable project to volunteer with; and perhaps that is one of the reasons why 94% of volunteers said that they are likely or very likely to recommend IV to a friend. Nadya who volunteered in 2020 said:

I would definitely recommend Indigo on the basis of the easy, friendly and clear communication the team ensures between coordinators and volunteers!

Finally, over 94% would not have been able to volunteer had it not been for Indigo’s fee-free options. The results of this survey show the importance of enabling people to take action in a safe and responsible manner.

Consider making a donation today, if you believe in the power of volunteers delivering the essential aid, much-needed education and psycho-social support to displaced people across Europe.

Read the full report below.



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