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When can you volunteer?

Following the fire that destroyed Moria camp on Lesvos, we experienced a high number of people who expressed an interest in volunteering. However, due to the surging Covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions, many of our partners are experiencing travel and work restrictions and were unable to host new volunteers.

At the beginning of October, we therefore decided to step back from accepting volunteer applications. We took time time to work on a re-strategization of our application process and to have internal discussions about our positionality within the humanitarian sector. It also enabled us to have further conversations with our partners about the representation of diversity within their teams.

Lastly, we gathered an overview of the specific volunteer needs on the ground. To ensure that moving forward we reduce our admin time for partners, we will be publishing the volunteer needs on our our partners page and newsletters. Please note that we will only accept applications that fit that criteria.

With this step, we are aiming to reduce the large volume of volunteer applications we have previously received to ensure we connect partners with exactly the volunteers they are looking for.

We will be opening volunteer applications on Wednesday, 4th of November, 2020.



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