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Winter is coming

Winter is coming and the cold and dark nights are creeping ever closer.  At this time of year, whilst some of us will be mourning the end of summer, for many of us in the UK, winter signals a time to wrap up warm, crank up the heating and begin the countdown ‘til Christmas.  It brings with it an air of romance; beautiful frosts, cosy fires and getting together with friends and family. However, just 2,000 miles away in Greece, there is a different story unfolding. 

For thousands of refugees and migrants, who have already made the dangerous crossing to Europe, they see it in a different light.  For them, winter is a harsh reality, one that means survival.

For many, their living circumstances already bring tribulations.  They are living in the most basic conditions, often with no running water and limited shelter.  Imagine living in a tent when the long winter nights draw in and the temperatures drop.  

Winter is Coming

This winter Indigo are asking for your support.  Huge numbers of refugees are arriving to the Greek Islands, in particular Lesvos and Samos, at a number unseen since 2016.  Already this September 4,193 people have arrived to Lesvos. Indeed, this August and September have seen the busiest months in more than three years and has increased fears of a new wave of migration, likely to continue over the winter months.

The total number of refugees on the islands now totals 29 643 (Agean Boat Report) and with already overcrowded camps, the Greek Government, EU and UN are struggling to cope.  For this reason, it is vital smaller grass-root organisations are involved to fill these gaps and provide much needed care and support. There is not enough shelter for everyone and many people are sleeping rough, this often includes families and mothers with small children and babies.

Winter is Coming

Alternatively, if you are unable to give your time, visit our website for other ways you can help, for example, through donating old clothes and fundraising.



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