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Yoga and Sports for Refugees

What Yoga and Sport for Refugees said about Indigo:

“Yoga and Sport for Refugees (YSFR) met with Indigo Volunteers for the first time in April 2019, and our cooperation has been exemplary from the first day. We have always found the Indigo team to be professional, friendly, knowledgeable, responsible and responsive and it’s a genuine pleasure to work with them. They were quick to start suggesting volunteers and have been a major contributor to our volunteer group since our cooperation began. I can highly recommend working with them and the benefits that it brings.”

Yoga and Sports for Refugees (YSFR) is in Lesvos, Greece. YSFR wants to empower refugees and migrants through sport, integrate them into the community, and improve their physical and mental health so that they find a way out of monotony, frustration and stagnation of their current situation. In addition, one of their fundamental objectives is to get refugees from being users of sports activities to trainers in charge of their own projects, so that they can be integrated into the community and gain security and self-confidence. The projects activities break with ethnic and religious barriers, generating a meeting space and cooperation between cultures where everyone participates.

Find out more about Yoga and Sports for Refugees here!


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