Becky’s Bathhouse

Becky’s Bathhouse

Becky’s Bathhouses’ facilities are in a warehouse, an old tannery and is next to the sea. They provide around 30 showers a day in.  After being picked up from Moria and driven to the centre, each user receives toiletries, a towel, new underwear and they can enjoy time to relax and pampering in a female-friendly space. The facility is also equipped with wifi, tea and fruit, and a play area. The Bathhouse also has an osteopathic clinic, Osteopathy for Refugees (OFR), who provides alternative healthcare to women who are living in Moria refugee camp.

  • Where is it?

    Kara Tepe, Mytelini, Lesvos, Greece

  • What will I be doing?

    The volunteers are dropped of at the bathhouse and check that everything is in order to receive the guests. Some tea is brewed, and a welcoming table is laid out with snacks. When guests arrive you bid them welcome them and while the women take a shower, you take care of the children.  After they have all taken a shower, the guests will be returned to the camp. The team members that remain in the bathhouse clean the bathrooms and prepare the house for the next group. In this way, they have several rounds of visitors every day. At the end of the day they do a final cleaning of the showers and tidying of the centre. The different team roles are bath lady, clothing lady, hostess and driver.  They also work with other organisations on the island as different needs arise and assist in medical referrals where showers are needed. For these visitors, they will provide new, clean clothes and wash, dry and fold their laundry.