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Collective Aid

Collective Aid

Collective Aid is active in two locations: France (🔴) & the Balkans (🔵). 


In Calais, Collective Aid distributes bedding, clothing and hygiene items to displaced people sleeping rough. Want to get a glimse of the project? Check out this video.


In Subotica, Collective Aid is running a project where they support people on the move along the Hungarian border with mobile showers, drinking water, NFI, and food.


In Belgrade, Collective Aid facilitates a wash centre where they have a shower and laundry service.


In Sarajevo, Collective Aid is doing distribution to people sleeping rough with clothing and hygiene items.

  • 🔴 Where is it?

    Calais, France

  • 🔴 What will I be doing?

    Distributions, Warehouse work


    In Calais, our work primarily takes place in our warehouse which we share with seven other organisations. Three to four days per week are spent sorting donations and maintaining our quality standards. Once you have completed our field training, the remaining one to two days are spent on distribution, which takes place at four different living sites in the area.

  • 🔴 What impact would I have?

    An ever-changing population of 1000-2000 people around Calais sleep outside in patches of forest and disused land, without shelter in often freezing conditions and subject to constant police harassment. In this context our team distributes thousands of non-food items every month, including tents, blankets, and warm clothes.

  • 🔴 Who will I be working with?

    An international volunteer team of about 10-20 people and the warehouse is shared with the teams of several other associations active in Calais. There are opportunities to participate in those associations’ work as well.

  • 🔴 Minimum age

    18 years +

  • 🔴 Accommodation

    300€ for the first month, then free

  • 🔴 Extra Costs

    Lunch is provided every working day. All other food costs are shared amongst volunteers.

  • 🔴 Skills required

    N/A. Driver’s licence is an asset.

  • 🔵 Where is it?

    Subotica, Serbia
    Belgrade, Serbia
    Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • 🔵 What will I be doing?

    Distributions (Subotica, Sarajevo), Warehouse Work (Subotica, Belgrade, Sarajevo), 
    Shower Attendant (Belgrade, Subotica), Laundry Service (Belgrade, Subotica), Border Violence Testimony Taking (Belgrade, Subotica, Sarajevo).

  • 🔵 What impact would I have?

    Helping people on the move having access to shower facilities and to get food/clothing and the opportunity to get their clothing washed

  • 🔵 Who will I be working with?

    Other international and local volunteers

  • 🔵 Minimum age


  • 🔵 Accommodation

    150€ per month for the first 3 months (Serbia & Bosnia)

  • 🔵 Extra Costs

    Activity Lead
    Car / Truck Driver
    Construction and Renovation

  • Interested in volunteering?

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