Medical volunteers needed in Greece


Med’Equali our partner organisation needs qualified doctors & nurses, who are immediately available, to help for 2 weeks or more (plus 14 days quarantine, so minimum of 1 month in total) on the island of Samos, Greece.


Due to Covid-19 we have suspended all other volunteer placements as we have a duty of care to the health of our volunteers, and a responsibility to limit the risk of the virus spreading.


However, given the urgent need for medical support, a needs assessment has been carried out, looking at relative risks and outcomes, to enable us to support this partner project with volunteers.




Med’equali provides medical treatment to displaced people in the Greek island of Samos.


Sanitary conditions in camps across Europe make it impossible for residents to take the necessary precautions to shield themselves from Covid-19. With existing medical facilities often being overburdened, grassroots medical actors have been working hard to protect vulnerable communities from the virus. Now more than ever, it is important to ensure that those who need medical care are able to access the vital services they require. The clinic currently sees up to 100 patients per day and is looking for volunteers who can help with triage, treatment and wound care.


Listen to a Podcast from the Med'EqualiTeam coordinator to hear about the situation on the ground - LISTEN


In order to support our medical partners to ensure that camp residents continue to have access to adequate medical care and to support in the prevention of an outbreak in the local community, we are recruiting for medical volunteers to join the field.


Our medical partner on the Greek island of Samos is urgently looking for:


  • Doctors and nurses
  • Who can stay for 28 days or more - 2 weeks volunteer placement plus you are required to self-isolate for 14 days in addition, so 1 month in total
  • Able to arrange VISA requirements independently where applicable


It is important to note that along with risk-reducing guidelines set by our partners, government protocol must also be followed which includes all new team members self-isolating for two weeks upon arrival to ensure the safety of patients and the local community. Please see our guidance document, which contains thorough information about travelling and volunteering during COVID-19.


  • Where is it?

    Samos, Greece

  • What will I be doing?

    Med’equali needs volunteers in the following areas:

    • Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and medical students to provide healthcare to the refugees living in the camp.  All team members will be involved in medical logistics and administration.


    Update in regards to COVID-19:

    A risk assessment has been carried out and various protocols to ensure both the responsible transport and onboarding of volunteers as well as safe conduct while operating are in place. You will receive further documentation on these protocols and policies before embarking on your trip to the project's location. (Furthermore, PPE equipment will be provided.)

  • What impact would I have?

    There is only one doctor provided by the Greek government so far for 4000 people living in extremely bad conditions, and there are no other medical NGOs at this date. Therefore the health care provided at the center is sometimes the only possibility for people to be seen by a doctor.

  • Who will I be working with?

    A team of 10-15 international volunteers