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Movement on the Ground

Movement on the Ground

Movement on the Ground works with refugees to improve their current living situation, and to prepare them for the future in any way possible. Our aim is to establish a dignified, safe and healing environment: transform a Camp to a Campus. In order to achieve this we try to connect the local host community with the refugees (or how we call them residents). Movement on the Ground supports refugee and host communities with infrastructure, food, schooling and many other benefits.

  • Where is it?

    Lesvos, Greece: RIC Lesvos Camp
    Samos, Greece: Zervou Camp
    Chios, Greece: Vial Camp

  • What will I be doing?

    As a volunteer of MOTG you will be doing many different things. We have some continuous projects, but are also flexible at all times due to (urgent) changes and volatile numbers of residents. A few examples of tasks:

    • Helping out with food distributions, education programs and providing information to residents
    • Assisting with the many different organised activities for residents such as special programs for women, community cooking lunches, game hours with unaccompanied minors or sports events
    • Working closely with and assisting residents and other volunteers
    • Supporting workshops and courses such as the tailor’s workshop, laundry programs, music programs and computer classes
  • What impact would I have?

    Improving the lives of residents (& their families) in the refugee camps. Making life more dignified, helping residents feel more empowered. Helping to create a close community of Movement-people within the camps and creating opportunities for residents when working towards their futures.

  • Who will I be working with?

    You will be working within our team of visiting volunteers (could be you!) and community volunteers (residents working with MOTG directly), under the supervision of our coordinators. Our volunteer teams are made up of people from many different backgrounds, nationalities and ages. Each island has a different number of team members according to the needs on the ground.

  • Minimum age


  • Accommodation

    We offer housing options for 10 euros per night. You will reside in volunteer houses where you live together with other Movers! Accommodation is provided upon availability.

  • Extra Costs


    • Flights
    • Transport on the island (however, we often offer carpool-options)
    • Accomodation
    • Food and Drinks
  • Skills required


    Everyone is welcome to join our team, no matter your (education) background or experiences. Some skills are extra appreciated:

    • Experience in teaching (English classes f.e.)
    • Manual work / Maintenance / Construction work
    • Experienced in Sports / Coaching 
    • Organizational skills in setting up events f.e.
  • Interested in volunteering?

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