Project Armonia

Project Armonia

The situation for refugees on Samos is dire. Around 5600 refugees currently live in a camp built for 650. The queue for food in the camp can be up to 5 hours long per meal - an intolerable burden for the camp’s most vulnerable residents. Due to the slow asylum procedure, people can be detained in these conditions for up to two years. Project Armonia eases this burden by cooking meals for around 800 of the most vulnerable residents, such as children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, disabled people, and the elderly. Without proper nutrition, these populations are particularly susceptible to mental and physical illnesses, while many of them are physically unable to wait for upto 5 hours per meal in the food line. We want to provide the most vulnerable among the 5,600 camp residents with a safe space to escape and enjoy a healthy, nutritious meal.

  • Where is it?

    Vathy, Samos

  • What will I be doing?

    Project Armonia is looking for volunteers who will help in the restaurant and the kitchen. Your jobs would include:

    • Welcoming guests

    • Assisting the chefs cooking their delicious food

    • Serving food to the guests

    • Helping keep the space clean and tidy

    • Helping with our guest registration procedure

    • Supporting the team with administrative work 

  • What impact would I have?

    Project Armonia welcomes guests from 12:00 until 16:00, providing them with vital nutrition Monday until Friday every week. With your help, we hope to be able to expand the capacity of our restaurant and have new fresh ideas brought to Armonia and the team. 

    You will be helping the most vulnerable people of the camp by feeding around 800 guests a day in a clean, safe and welcoming space. The Persian, African and Arabic chefs try to bring a taste of home to the table, so one day you might be chopping vegetables for a huge salad, and the next you’ll be serving up Adas Polo, a favourite Iranian dish of rice, chicken, raisins and lentils.

    The impact of your work is almost incalculable. Food is a basic human right and what is being provided to camp residents can barely be called food. As a team, Project Armonia offers their guests the vital nutrition, dignity and human rights they are denied as a result of this ongoing crisis.


  • Who will I be working with?

    The project was created to be run almost entirely by refugees, for refugees. 

    Through the project and with your help, different cultures are brought together and people are empowered even in such dire conditions.

    Project Armonia’s aim is not just to distribute food, but to encourage people from the camp to help themselves by working as chefs, coordinators and volunteers with the project. We believe that giving refugees and asylum seekers the opportunity to run the project with our team helps them to learn and develop valuable skills for the future, helping their chances of sustainable integration. Therefore, most of your colleagues, around 50 people, are camp residents and come from countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine and Uganda.

  • Minimum age

    23 years old

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation is provided for 150 EUR / month for a double room and 200 EUR / month for a single room.

  • Minimum time

    6 weeks (including quarantine)

  • Extra Costs


    • Living expenses
    • Small fee for private usage of our Armonia Car 
    • We ask volunteers to pay for the cost of the health certificates (50 euros) as they are legally required for you to work in a restaurant in Greece simply. Your contribution means we can feed an additional 60 people!


  • Skills required

    • Nutritionist
    • Community Services
    • Chef
    • No specific skill