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Salam LADC

Salam LADC

We support vulnerable populations in Lebanon through providing direct aid and facilitating the efforts and initiatives of independent volunteers and organisations.


We provide a platform for international volunteers, grassroots initiatives, and private and institutional donors to coordinate their efforts towards assisting and empowering refugee and other vulnerable populations across Lebanon, whilst also serving as a link to the major local and international actors.


We strive towards strengthening inter-community dialogue and building bridges between the Lebanese and Syrian communities, and assisting the most vulnerable – regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation.


We host volunteers at two locations, one in the Bekaa valley, located close to the Syrian border, with our project running to assist the populations in informal settlements, the other, in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut, situated between several diverse neighbourhoods.


In the Bekaa Valley, the activities we run are our English, French, art, sport, green project, musical theatre, jewellery making, music, yoga and Dabke (traditional dance) classes, as well as our cinema club and early childhood education programme. They also support our local staff during aid distributions and basic Arabic and maths.


At our place, in Beirut, we run English classes for teens and adults, vocational training, therapy sessions, skills & empowerment workshops, discussion sessions, and community dinners and events.


As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to be involved with the communities we help, by both being part of the activities, and assisting the NGO in achieving its goals.


Please state when reaching out if you are interested in being in Beirut or in the Bekka Valley.

  • Where is it?

    • Bekka Valley, Lebanon

    • Sin El Fil, Beirut, L

  • What will I be doing?

    Bekka Valley:

    Supporting a small grassroot NGO with mostly informal educational projects. Teaching English and helping with other activities. 


    Olive Branch:

    You will be teaching English as well as providing a safe and inclusive environment where

    everyone feels welcome. If are interested in one or more of the following areas; Social Media, Fundraising, MEAL, Volunteer Coordination, Arts or Music, there’s an opportunity for you to take on more responsibility alongside teaching.

  • What impact would I have?

    Beqqaa Valley:

    You will be on the ground daily, directly helping vulnerable communities at nearby informal tented settlements. You will get to know the beneficiaries and create meaningful connections. It is a great opportunity to share your skills and make a difference in their lives.


    Olive Branch:

    You will have a direct impact on the community development in the area and the lives of thebeneficiaries.

  • Who will I be working with?

    Beqqaa Valley:

    About 10 to 15 passionate international volunteers from all around the world and local staff members.


    Olive Branch:

    You will be working in a team consisting of about 4-6 international volunteers as well as local volunteers and staff.

    You will be working closely with the communities we help, with the exchange of culture, stories, and ideas, between both the international community and the local Lebanese, Syrian, and other cultures.

  • Minimum age


  • Accommodation

    In Bekaa, we have a volunteer house with several dorm rooms, a shower, large communal living area and kitchen. Each volunteer is expected to participate in our weekly cooking and cleaning schedule. As we are a charity, we ask volunteers to contribute $150 (USD) a month to cover their accommodation costs; this money goes directly to covering our rent of the space and funding the work that we do.


    In Beirut, you will be living together with up to three other international volunteers in an apartment next door to the community centre. The apartment consists of two bedrooms, a small kitchen area, a bathroom, and a large balcony. You will have access to the centre as a work/hangout space, and nearby there is a social cafe & workspace. To cover the rent cost and contribute directly to keeping the community centre running we ask volunteers to pay 120$ per month for accommodation.


    As we live and work closely as a team, it is very important that you are comfortable living in a communal space, and committed to interacting kindly and constructively with other team members.

  • Extra Costs

    Communal mean contribution is between $5 USD- $10 USD a week. 

    Taxis to and from Beirut can range from $40 USD- $45USD depending on the rate.

  • Skills required

    We provide our own training and are open to welcoming volunteers from all kinds of backgrounds! That said, we typically receive applications from more potential volunteers than we have room to accept. Preference is given to those who can commit to a minimum of three months and meet at least one of the following criteria:

    • You have a TEFL, CELTA or other English as a Foreign Language qualification.
    • You have French as a Second Language qualification.
    • You have a bachelor's degree in Education, a PGCE certificate, or similar.
    • You have experience working with vulnerable children, for example as a social worker or as part of another refugee-focused NGO.
    • You have experience in Social Media and Communications.
    • You speak some Arabic or French.
    • You hold an International Driving Permit or can obtain one prior to arrival.

    * At the Community Center in the Bekka Valley, the main job of the volunteers is to provide excellent English classes for our students. Therefore a lot of the same qualifications as mentioned above are sought after here as well. One of the ways we differ here is the additional tasks that volunteers have the opportunity to take responsibility for alongside teaching English.

    * Therefore we are also looking for people with experience or interest in the following areas; Social Media, Fundraising, MEAL, Volunteer Coordination, Arts, and Music.

    * At the Community Centre in Beirut, we are currently looking for dedicated volunteer roles to help continue to grow the project alongside the local volunteers.

    - Centre Animator
    To bring life and activities to the centre and to be involved and assist with the current activities. This role requires a lively attitude with initiative and creativity to be the focal point of the centre activities.

    - Volunteer/Centre Coordinator
    Working alongside the project coordinator, someone who can manage the volunteer recruitment process and assist with coordinating the project on-site. This role requires an outgoing person with strong organisational skills.

    - Strategy and operations
    To be involved with the operational side of the NGO in order to achieve the long-term goals and strategy of the centre. This role requires a strong business knowledge and experience of working in something similar.

  • Interested in volunteering?

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