Still I Rise

Still I Rise

The Mazi Community Centre provides education to teenagers on Samos formed with a combination of long term staff and volunteers. The volunteers strive to work together in a way that puts each person’s individual skills to use to best serve the students. In creating Mazi Youth Center, they also envisioned employing local staff to provide specific skilled support.

  • Where is it?

    Samos, Greece

  • What will I be doing?

    Depending on your skills and expertise, you will be asked to implement and supervise a recreational activity ( Woodwork, Art, Music, Fitness, Sewing, Drama, Photography, Video Making etc.). We also welcome psychologists and social workers who can run workshops and sessions about dealing with emotions, respecting others, respecting your body etc. Other subjects/workshops can be proposed as well. 

    You will also be asked to help run our center: serve food packs to our students, help with cleaning and overseeing the center and children during their breaks from classes, checking temperatures and supervise the respect of the rules of the center. You will be working 5 days a week Monday to Friday unless a different agreement is decided on before your arrival.


  • What impact would I have?

    You will help provide asylum-seeking children with an environment that is safe, clean and healthy. You will support them as a team as they learn languages and life skills that will be useful on their journey and life in Greece and beyond.

  • Who will I be working with?

    Asylum-seeking children aged 12-18.


  • Minimum age

    23 years old

  • Accommodation

    May be provided for €150 euros per month in our “Mazί” house. Still I Rise covers accommodation after 2 months of volunteering with us.

  • Minimum time

    3 months


  • Extra Costs

    You would have to be self-funded, so pay for your own food and any other expenses. Still I Rise doesn’t require any fee or payment from volunteers.

  • Skills required

    • Early Childhood Teacher
    • Foreign Language Teacher
    • Secondary School teacher
    • TEFL / English Teacher
    • Youth & Sports Activities
    • Psychologist
    • Social Worker
    • No specific skill