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Become a Responsible Volunteer

Find a variety of  training, articles, podcasts and resources to develop your sense of responsible volunteering and your understanding of the humanitarian context.  We hope it will help you feel more prepared for when you start your volunteer placement.

Start your journey here!

Indigo Volunteers has partnered with The Human Hive to provide online training specifically designed for people supporting refugees in grassroots projects.

What will I learn?

This training will give you tools to manage the trauma you may encounter in the people you work with, teach you how to use your skills effectively, to include others in your activities and give you a supervised real-world experience before you leave home. By signing up, you will also become a member of the Mighty Network, a platform where you can: - Network with other humanitarians Access additional training and webinars - Have a Live Q&A with Darren - Receive discounts to other - Human Hive training Price: $39.99* (originally $59.99) *The Human Hive have offered a discount to all Indigo Volunteers subscribers

The trainers: Darren & Kate

Human Hive founders, Darren Abrahams and Kate McAllister, started their own volunteer journeys in the Calais Jungle refugee camp converting a double decker bus into a mobile school. They developed a unique education system marrying Kate’s skills as a teacher and Darren’s skills as a trauma therapist to address the incredibly diverse needs of the people they met there. Darren and Kate poured all their experiences into creating this online course to prepare you to be the most effective volunteer possible while also taking care of your own wellbeing.

Websites & Articles

"Re-imagining the way we do aid towards effectiveness and justice.”

“We are promoting a movement of learning, designed to better prepare young people about to travel abroad for the first time, and travellers of all ages looking to give back through their time, with the skills and mindsets they need to be of ‘service,’ not just for a few weeks on a volunteer trip, but for the rest of their lives.”


“We produce creative content to bring a personal, human perspective to the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time…the Refugee Crisis. We use film, photography and storytelling to raise awareness and in turn, support grassroots projects that make a direct impact on people on the ground.”

“The people volunteering on the frontline of humanitarian crises can see how valuable their work is. But when things are so tough for others, it can be difficult to admit just how rewarding it is to be a volunteer. It’s selfish altruism and we think it should be celebrated.”

Training & Courses

Learn the principles guiding humanitarian response to modern emergencies and the challenges faced in the field today.

Learn how to build effective teams, be a great team player and manage team conflict.

This course will help you to understand and apply the Core Humanitarian Standard which will improve the quality, accountability and effectiveness of your humanitarian responses.

This award-winning course is a great starter programme for anyone at the beginning of their journey working with displaced people

An interactive, scenario-focused pathway that introduces the core skills and knowledge needed to volunteer in the humanitarian sector.

What does it mean to be a refugee? – YouTube video (6 minute watch)

"The learning resources provided by Indigo were great and made me feel settled in my decision.
Everything available is super helpful!"

- Indigo Volunteer

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03 Core Humanitarian Principles
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