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For Charities


Indigo helps charitable organisations recruit volunteers and connect with one another.

With our partners, we form a network of grassroots organisations eager to collaborate on supporting displaced communities across Europe.


Access & share the following training and workshops to support your team and develop your organisation.

Live Training & Workshops

Other Training & Course opportunities

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Are you struggling with developing a solid policy framework? Do you need more support to get your fundraising activities started?


Click below to access Indigo's available resources, from fundraising information to risk assessment guides and policy templates. 

We hope these resources will help charities create and expand sustainable internal practices to help them run better!

Become an Indigo Partner

Why become an Indigo Volunteers partner?
  1. Receive support for finding and managing volunteers.

  2. Simple volunteer matching process.

  3. Full flexibility and ownership over the volunteers you recruit.

  4. Additional support resources only for Indigo partners:

  • Wellbeing support for all your volunteers and your team.

  • Connection with over 40 organisations operating across Europe, the UK, Cyprus and Lebanon.

  • Specialised requests for resources or training.

  • Knowledge and expertise around volunteering from the Indigo team.

Our volunteer matching process
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You request the volunteers you need.

We send you the applications of matching candidates.

If it's a match, we connect you with the volunteer!

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Step 2
Step 3
Indigo Volunteers is currently not onboarding new partners.
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