Wellbeing Support

This is a compilation of Mental Health & Coaching Support resources that are provided by volunteers and are therefore available free of charge to Indigo volunteers and partner teams.

To ensure a variety of needs are covered, we have tried to offer different types of support. While some trainers focus more on general emotional assistance, others might have a more clinical or academic background. In case a volunteer is facing severe repercussions from experiencing trauma, a more long-term approach to psycho-social support might be necessary. In case you require more intensive and long-term psychological support, please contact your GP at home. 

Please note that all the sessions are confidential, can remain anonymous, and available to you at no cost during & after your placement  :)

Mental Health & PSS Support


English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish

What they offer:

5 sessions per person, in a number of different languages. Volunteers can contact a therapist from the moment they start working in the field till six months after. 

Email Katharina Stahlmann at and a therapist will be provided according to language preference.

You can expect to speak to someone from the HRSRC within 2,3 days.

Human Rights & Social Responsibility Committee

About them:

Most field volunteers face tough challenges in having to adjust and integrate into a new stressful context as well as to readapting to normal life when leaving a field team. We believe that every volunteer who joins a field has the right to professional psycho-social mental health support regardless of the project they will be joining or the support provided by their country group. This programme provides someone you can turn to for support and give you the space to debrief, express yourself freely in a space that is objective and confidential. The programme consists of therapists who are members of EAGT who are willing to listen to you in one-on-one sessions. Gestalt Therapy is a holistic, humanistic therapeutic approach, which  offers support creatively and aesthetically promotes awareness, presence and growth, to learn or discover  skills that will help the client to deal with personal difficulties, learn to take responsibility for one's own feelings and decisions.


English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish

What they offer:

One individual for a 1:1 session on a bi-weekly basis. Silje is interested in pairing with an organisation and supporting them on a long term basis.

Email Silje directly at

You can expect to speak to Silje within 1-2 weeks. If you need urgent support, please mention it in your email and she may find availability sooner.

Silje Lovise Gjertsen

Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 18.16.46.png
About them:

Silje Lovise Gjertsen is a PSYCH-K® facilitator and certified Pause Place practitioner. She is qualified as a PSYCH-K® facilitator through completing all levels of training including the Master Facilitation training, and also trained in holding safe space for sharing through the Pause Place practitioner course. Her approach within her sessions include holding a safe and nurturing space for volunteers to share as much or as little as they would like. From there she mainly works with PSYCH-K® which is an incredible and gentle tool for transforming stress, anxiety, trauma, ptsd etc. PSYCH-K® is a simple, non-invasive and highly effective process to identify and change subconscious beliefs; removing stress from the system and bringing forth desired change. It is the result of years of split-brain research and thousands of sessions with individuals and groups. It helps us to quickly and easily communicate directly with our subconscious mind, and — while using methods of whole brain integration — transforming the stress response in the body, sometimes in just a few minutes. It leaves the mind in a receptive state that dramatically reduces its resistance to change.


Coaching Support


English, Italian, Spanish

What they offer:

I offer 2 free sessions (max 2 people per month)

You can expect to speak to Valeria in 1-2 weeks

 Valeria Madonna

About them:

I'm Valeria, currently traveling and volunteering while developing my own business. I love supporting, helping and motivating people to live better and feel good. Through my sessions, I can help you connect with your values, emotions, needs, purposes, interests, motivations, and overcome difficulties and challenges you might be facing both personally and professionally. I can also help you gain clarity on your next steps (personally and professionally), create new habits and have some more tools to understand yourself.



What they offer:

4 individual sessions per month (each session is 1 hour long) during and/or after your placement. 1 group session per month (for 4 attendees or more. Each session is 1 hour long)

You can expect to speak to Emily within 1-2 weeks.

Emily Frost

About them:

Hello! I am Emily Frost, a trained, certified and accredited Life Coach. I run Power Project Coaching. Coaching with me helps you find the power in your life, it puts the focus back onto you, the most important project of all. My coaching will give you room to breathe, to focus on yourself, and to plot achievable goals for your future. It is a powerful step forward, and I will be an accountable partner in Project You. I work with clients on confidence building, resilience, positive mindset, reducing stress, and dealing with conflicts. For many years I worked in the Charity sector, and have always had a strong desire to help and uplift others through my work. Whilst working for International Development Organisations, I traveled extensively, and met and interviewed a huge variety of people from all over the world, all living different types of lives. I am passionate about people. I’m hugely empathetic, and have a finely-tuned listening ear. I love nothing more than building trusting and meaningful relationships with those I coach.. I’m a mother-of-two, and have always relished meeting people and diving into new experiences. I love design, photography, fashion, reading, writing, theatre, galleries, dancing, live music, running, gardening and exploring. I have a thirst for knowledge. I look forward to meeting you! I would be delighted to Coach you during your volunteering experience with Indigo Volunteers. Please contact me to arrange your complimentary coaching session


English, Greek, Spanish.

What they offer:

Coaching to 2 individuals for 3 sessions each.

You can expect to speak to Athina within a couple of days to a week.

Athina Avagianou

About them:

I was born and raised in Athens and my origin is from Lesvos Island. I studied Law and until 2016 I worked as a legal advisor in large companies. In 2016 I moved to Madrid for family reasons and I met Coaching for the first time. It’s there that I find out that there are options even when everything seems deadlocked. That the difficulties are not permanent. That happiness is an inner, personal choice. There I realized how much I believe in the power that all people, without exception, hide inside them, how much I am attracted by the idea of contributing to the inner evolution of people and of having a positive effect, even the slightest, on their lives. That is where what we call a change of career takes place, with all the challenges that this entails. I was trained in Madrid, I became certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation) and somehow, I am now a coach. In my personal coaching I have in the past covered a range of areas such as: - Career and relationships, - Lack of self esteem, - Finding your purpose and working on achieving your goals - Dealing with changes in your life



What they offer:

You can receive 6 pro bono online sessions. You can also participate as a team for up to 6 team coaching sessions.

Please contact them on

You can expect to be matched with the right coach within 2-3 weeks.

Coach Activism
About them:

CoachActivism is a collective of Coaches who are aiming to provide the necessary tools and support that is needed to improve the experience of the volunteers. Examples of ways in which they can assist are: - Creating a safe space for expression of feelings, worries, fears, hopes - Defining goals, outcomes, imagined futures, desired situations - Building resilience, confidence, empowerment - Adopting practices that nurture and promote wellness and well-being - Understanding and exploring - Acceptance - Improving work/life balance - Improvement of skills

Support for Community Volunteers (in multiple languages)


Amna help people regain their resilience and rediscover feelings of joy and belonging by supporting individuals, organisations and refugee communities to run safe spaces for restorative group activities. They run programmes that address different aspects of the wellbeing of individuals who have been displaced.

They also offer a selection of self-care audio clips, available in Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Greek and Urdu.

Talk to us off the Record

This website has links to audio and video wellbeing resources in lots of languages designed with the refugee community in mind.

Mindfulness in Arabic

The Mindfulness in Arabic project (MiA) aims to build a website that will offer an eight-week Mindfulness course in Arabic, designed for refugees and people in transition. Any person with internet access may enter the website, free of charge, anywhere around the world. The course will provide practical tools and exercises tailored specifically to support a shaken population that suffered traumas of fear, death and extreme violence. أن يزود مشروع اليقظة باللغة العربية "ميا - MiA " دورة يقظة باللغة العربية على مدار ثمانية أسابيع, مصممة خصيصا للاجئين والنازحين. كل شخص مزود بالإنترنت يمكنه دخول الموقع مجانا أينما كان في جميع أنحاء العالم. هذه الدورة ستوفر أدوات عملية وتمارين ملائمة خصيصا لدعم الأشخاص والمجتمعات التي تعاني مِن صدمات الخوف, الموت والعنف على أشكاله

Play for Progress Activity Book

An activity book for youth with psycho-social trauma techniques such as breathing, processing feelings, colouring in etc. It is designed by Play for Progress who use creative therapies to support unaccompanied minors. It is mostly in English but you do not need language for lots of it. This has been suggested as an activity for parents to complete with their children.

Safe Space

A free app that has been developed by Save the Children Sweden’s psychologists and is now available for download in Greece. The app is available in several languages (Arabic, Somali, Farsi, English etc.) and is made for children and youth who have experienced trauma to help them with anxiety, but can of course be used by anyone.


By accessing the above services, you agree that you are fully responsible for your physical, mental and emotional well-being before, during and after your session. Indigo Volunteers does not hold any liability towards the well-being of volunteers when facilitating these services.