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Indigo Ambassador

Role description


Role Title: Ambassador

Location: Remote (within Europe, UK, Serbia, Bosnia & Lebanon)

Reporting to: Head of Programmes & Partnerships

Hours: 2-4 hours a month

Duration: Minimum 3 months

Benefits: Being part of a wonderful team and helping a small charity increase their profile

Note: This is a volunteer role only

Purpose of the role

As an ambassador, you’ll need to understand Indigo Volunteers as a charity, its values and its vision. The nature of this role requires you to work independently, to be self-motivated and to have great initiative in figuring out what tasks you might want to do each month. You will have the wonderful responsibility of being an advocate for Indigo - informing, inspiring and having fun whilst doing so! 


The purpose of the role is to promote the profile of Indigo Volunteers, to raise awareness and funds for the charity, and to ultimately increase the number of people who go out to volunteer with our partner organisations.

Role overview

As an Ambassador you will have a direct impact in helping, inspiring, and encouraging more people to volunteer. This role will allow you to be part of the Indigo community and help you stay connected and empowered through sharing your stories and inspiring others to take action and volunteer! 

The role of Ambassador is incredibly important in contributing to the work that Indigo Volunteers does, and you will play an essential part in recruiting volunteers and spreading awareness about responsible volunteering.


There are six focus points of this role which are relevant:


  1. Speaker

  2. Fundraiser

  3. Event organiser

  4. Social Media influencer

  5. Networking

  6. Researcher/Admin

Example activities:

  • Represent Indigo at least one event about your own volunteer experience OR Seek out 3 contacts in your network that will invite Indigo to speak at an event.

  • Fundraise £1,000 for Indigo. This can be through one of many means, whether it be a pub quiz, music or sports events, an online auction etc.

  • Connect Indigo to organisations/people/businesses.

  • Recruit 5 individuals to volunteer with one of our partner organisations.

  • Share social media content.

Supporting in emergencies

It’s often difficult to predict what may happen in the field in which we operate. In the last couple of years there have been wars erupting, fires breaking out in camps and project buildings, violence and unrest in the areas our partners operate in,  and projects  closing down. Therefore, we often need emergency admin support. If you have spare time and would be happy to step up and support when Indigo responds to emergencies we would love to hear from you. Please visit the contact section to find out who to contact if you are interested in supporting in this capacity.


Your main responsibilities are to:

  • Represent Indigo Volunteers! The best way to truly engage people with volunteering is by personal interaction, sharing your story and the work that Indigo does.

  • Inspire people to volunteer. Take opportunities to connect with new people, inspiring them to volunteer and see what a huge positive impact it will have on their own life.

  • Promote Indigo Volunteers and its services to as wide an audience as possible (e.g group of friends or universities). 

  • Organise and support events for Indigo.

  • Create relationships between Indigo and other organisations where appropriate.

  • Raise awareness of Indigo Volunteers by sharing social media content.


  • Drive and dedication

  • Proactivity (as a small charity Indigo values active and independent people)

  • A passion for Indigo and responsible  volunteering

  • Good organisational and time management skills 

  • Ability to work independently and from a remote environment

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