Indigo connects volunteers with humanitarian projects, directly and efficiently.

We help volunteers find the right project

People who want to volunteer often find it hard to decide where to go and how they can help. Indigo partners with over 40 grassroots charities that offer many different volunteer opportunities across the humanitarian spectrum. Based on their skills and preferences, as well as the latest needs in the field, we match volunteers to the right project.

We help projects find and manage volunteers

Small charities often do not have the time and resources to find volunteers. We help our partner projects by regularly reviewing their needs, selecting volunteers with the right skills and attitude, and connecting them directly. We also help projects improve their volunteer management by offering advice and sharing templates of key documents – such as code of conducts, volunteer inductions and welfare support.

We inspire and educate people about responsible volunteering

Indigo was established to inspire more people to volunteer and to volunteer responsibly. Our aim is to challenge the prevailing image of volunteering as a holiday activity and to acknowledge the complicated realities in the field. We believe humanitarian work should be taken seriously, with considerable thought to the communities and people that we serve, and we reiterate this message when we reach out and recruit volunteers.

We share, connect and collaborate

As an umbrella organisation, we share knowledge and resources amongst our network and actively encourage collaboration between projects. Drawing on a growing pool of experienced partners from across Europe, we help improve standards by organising info-sessions, facilitating workshops, and sharing training opportunities on a wide range of humanitarian topics.

We make an impact

Being a coordination charity, it can be difficult to define our full impact or gather clear statistics on the amount of aid and support provided as a result of our efforts.

What we do know is that Indigo helps hundreds of humanitarians find their way to the field each year. This means that dozens of projects can keep their programmes running and increase their activities. Whilst we do collect and share important statistics, our actual impact on the ground is best shown through the many stories that we receive from both volunteers and projects that we support.

These are stories about discovering incredible grassroots projects and making a difference in the field, about volunteers who come up with amazing new initiatives or solutions, about the joy of helping others together and connecting to people from across the globe. They touch on people’s personal journeys, on their passions and purposes, on choosing humanitarian careers and being inspired to create positive change in the world.

We are pleased to present to you Indigo’s first-ever impact report, outlining our main results from 2020 and showcasing some of these stories from the people we work with.